Is Our Last Name “Job?”

The hits just keep on comin’, kids. They say tragedies come in threes, right? Well, after the death of my aunt and my MIL’s heart condition (she is having bypass surgery today), I kept wondering what the third tragedy was going to be.

And here ’tis…

My brother Steve took Monday off from work for his birthday. Well, he decided to go for a bike ride, get a little exercise and just enjoy the day. He took a route that he doesn’t usually take and while riding down a paved part of road, he rode into some very slick mud that washed over the road after a series of weekend storms. He started to slide, then over-corrected his course, and then…Thwap! Bam! Boom! He was thrown from his bike and smashed into a chain linked fence. When he woke up, he said a woman was standing over him telling him to stay still while she called the paramedics. She then called me after the paramedics arrived, and I spoke to one of the techs who said that Steve’s vitals were good, that he was sitting up, but complaining of pain in his neck. From what the med tech was saying, Steve was bruised but no major injuries. They were taking him to the hospital for x-rays and thought that he was okay.


After two series of x-rays (one of which I was able to see), it turns out he has four broken ribs and a broken collar bone. Kaiser, in their wonderfully compassionate “thrive” campaign, released Steve at 11pm that night. My sister was there when Steve arrived at the hospital (around 2pm) and kept us updated. I couldn’t get out of work because now that I’m hosting a live afternoon show, it’s kind of tough to bolt out of there. So, Maya and I arrived at 8pm and my dad got there a few minutes before we did. The doctor said that for injuries like the ones Steve suffered, it would be better for him to recover at home rather than the hospital. My sister tried to get the doctor to reconsider since Steve was going in and out of shock, but the doctor said that HMOs are pretty much on a “treat ’em and release ’em ASAP” policy. The drugs they gave Steve for pain are pretty powerful, so it really does take the edge off, but right now he’s staying with my parents and will probably head back to his house on Saturday.

(Big sigh)

Three letters keep popping into my mind: “WTF!”

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