Ignorance is Bliss

Sometimes it’s good ignore the political fray. I’ve been avoiding the latest “shocker” from the Obama camp, and honestly thought it would die a quick death.  I mean with all that’s going on in the world (and in our country) right now, do these comments really warrant the media attention and scrutiny we’ve seen for the past few days?Well, Clinton and Obama debated in Philadelphia, and from what I’ve seen, it’s clear whatever discussion of policies that each would push if elected were quickly superseded by the following:

  • Obama’s comments about rural folks clinging to religion and guns when they lose their jobs.
  • Clinton not being “accurate” about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia
  • Why Obama doesn’t wear an American flag.
  • Does Clinton think Obama can win the general election if he wins the nomination.

Sure, there was talk about taxes, Social Security, and support for Israel, but guess which parts of the debate are going to get picked up by the media and repeated ad infinitum for the next 24 hours?

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