I Resolve To…

Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends! I hope whatever you did to celebrate the new year was enjoyable. After we watched the pre-recorded ball drop in Times Square, and a rather scary-looking Dick Clark wish us all a happy new year, we shut off the TV and asked J if she had any resolutions this year. I fully expected the one she’s been using for years (i.e., “I resolve to floss more”), but she didn’t. Instead, J said that she resolved to not resolved to do anything since she never really stands by the resolutions she’s made in the past (flossing is in that list).

So, I did a Google search and found a Top 10 list that seems to have some common themes. And here they are:

1. Spend More Time With Family and Friends

2. Get Fit

3. Lose Weight

4. Stop Smoking

5. Enjoy Life

6. Stop Drinking (Alcohol, of course)

7. Pay Down Your Credit Card Debts

8. Learn New Things

9. Be More Helpful to Other People

10. Be More Organized

Looking at that list, I’ve been working on #3, but it’s not through some kind of diet that I plan on deflating the gut a bit. Rather it’s just trimming down portion sizes, eating a lot slower, and being more active. For as long as I can remember (for my adult life, anyway), I’ve been one of those guys who wolfs food down. When combined with work conditions that are pretty sedentary, you get some prime conditions for getting larger! And guess what? I’ve gotten larger! Yay! More to love, right? Wrong. Now that I’m in my 40s, I can’t live the same way I have in the past and expect to enjoy the “back 40” of life with the same joie de vivre. So, instead of getting all “Oh, this blows! No more fun for me,” I just am going to try and make an “adjustment” in my day to day so I don’t end up at Dr. Rotman’s office with him telling me: “Um, let’s talk about getting you on meds that will address the chronic X problem you’ve developed.”

One other resolution: take some guitar lessons! I bought a Telecaster a few months ago, and have been trying to do the autodidact method of learning to play, but it’s not going so well. So, I think I’ll buy a few lessons from Maya’s old guitar teacher (I also briefly managed a band of his back in the 80s. Small world, eh? ) so I can get started on “the good foot.”

Okay, those are mine for the year (and beyond). Care to share?


P.S. Punning Pundit has this amusing link to a story about protesting the new year.  Click HERE.

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