“I Could Give A Rip”: Party Party

Let’s go back in time, shall we? It’s circa 1984 and you’re a record slut who buys music every week. When you’re not buying music, you’re often seen trolling the “Used LP” section at your local new and used record store (in my case it was Rasputin Records). Week after week you keep seeing a soundtrack for a film you’ve never heard of in the cutout bin, but the artists who have contributed songs are quite well known. You keep passing on buying the LP because, quite honestly, there are other records that are vying for (and winning!) your attention. And since you’re a record slut, you usually go with the records in the front of the store instead of the bottom feeders in the cutout bin. Hey, you may be a record slut, but you have your standards…sort of.

Finally, one day, after finding really nothing of interest, you break down and buy a copy of the “Party Party” soundtrack that’s been giving you the “How YOU doin’ ” look every week. You get home, put the record on the turntable and you have the good kind of “WTF” moment where you just love the song you’re hearing.

In my case, it’s the title track by Elvis Costello and the Attractions. To my knowledge, this song is not easy to find, so what we have here is a nugget from the LP (digitized for your musical enjoyment) of the “Party Party” soundtrack that Elvis fans (and non-fans) should import to their music player. It’s a goofy song that probably reflects the idiocy of the movie. But it’s so dang likable, that you’ll probably be singing the chorus long after you’ve moved on to other songs.

“Party Party” Elvis Costello and the Attractions (Download)


Wanna know what Sting is like at a party after a few drinks? No, he’s not going to entice you with tales of hanging out with native people of the Amazon. Nor will he enthrall you with his awesome yoga moves while holding a small dog…

Nope. He’s going to jump up on the coffee table, grab a Mr. Microphone, a crappy bass guitar, and belt out that classic from Little Richard, “Tutti Frutti.”

“Tutti Frutti” Sting (Download)

Pops and scratches are included at no additional cost!


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