“I Could Give a Rip” Bryan Ferry

Crappy films that later become cult classic. That’s what happened to the film “Legend” starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry and Billy Barty(!) The film came out in 1986 (in the U.S.) and has tortured history. First off, during production, the film’s main sets burned to the ground. It was reputed that costume and make up problems were an ongoing saga, and the film itself was chopped down to a muddled mess – with the score being changed from Jerry Goldsmith to Tangerine Dream.

I don’t really want to dwell on the details of the film, but if you’re feeling like you need to know a ton ‘o useless fact about “Legend”, you can go HERE.

Now on to a few useless useful facts about Bryan Ferry’s contribution to the soundtrack. First off, this was during Bryan Ferry’s rise as a solo artist in the U.S. His career with Roxy Music had come to semi-end, and he had a great deal of success with his solo album “Boys and Girls” (1985). Outside of the U.S., Ferry has been a “superstah” both with Roxy Music and as a solo artist since the early 70s. However, “Is Your Love Strong Enough” wasn’t, as I thought, and outtake from the “Boys and Girls” sessions. Rather it was an outtake from “Avalon” when he was still with Roxy Music – which I should have known because it has that signature “Tic-eh” guitar sound early on in the song. Ferry was able to get David Gilmour from Pink Floyd to play on this tune and while the song didn’t really do much in terms of chart action, it has become a sleeper song that was difficult to get until Ferry included it on “More Than This: The Best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music” and “Slave to Love: Best of the Ballads.”

But here, ladies and gentlemen, in all its vinyl glory, and from the out of print soundtrack to “Legend,” it’s Bryan Ferry with “Is Your Love Strong Enough” (Download).

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