How Does This Happen?

Yesterday Jefito sent me an e-mail that basically said “You have to hear this.” What was it? It was a new CD from Paul Young. Some may remember him from the 80s and 90s when he had a few, um, milquetoast hits like “Every Time You Go Away,” and covers like “Oh Girl,” and “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.”

But before he started cranking up the dung machine full time, he had a pretty good song that came out in 1983 entitled “Come Back and Stay” — which had some moderate success in the U.S. His follow up, a cover of Joe Gibbs’ “Love of the Common People,” was very early 80s, but Paul seemed to be riding a kind of UB40 vibe with a synth-reggae sound. Both songs were good, and it seemed like Paul would do alright as a mullet-headed new wave pop act. But then came his mega-hit “Every Time You Go Away,” and, well, the crap just kept coming.

I didn’t think Paul could top is slide into Adult Contemporary purgatory, but now I think he’s finally done it. He’s not only off the AC map, he’s now treading into Rod Stewart territory by thinking he can sing swing numbers. But these aren’t standards he’s doing. Nope. He’s decided to take some of his favorite pop, rock, and rap songs and do them swing style.

Still with me? Okay, get ready for Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Vegas style (Download HERE). Now that you’ve come back from throwing up, let’s get ready to rumble with that Don Henley cooker, “The Boys of Summer” (Download HERE).

After listening to the whole CD (Yeah, I have a strong stomach), I wrote back to Jefito and told him that I thought Paul Young had done some amusing covers after listening to the first song. After the second song, I was getting annoyed. By the finale (“White Christmas”) I just felt sorry for him.

And I’m sorry to put you through this. Still love me? πŸ˜‰


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