Highs and Lows

This weekend was one of those where a lyric from Bjork’s old band “The Sugarcubes” was going through my head.  What’s the lyric? “Life’s both sweet and sour.”    That’s the weekend in a nutshell.  Shortlist of “Sweet:” 

  1. A very good dinner at A and Noi on Friday.
  2. Went to the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday.
  3. Had a marathon viewing of the HBO series “Big Love.”
  4. J bought me some Woodford bourbon.
  5. My brother Steve came over for dinner on Sunday.
  6. ProTools 7.3.1 with and Mbox means I have a home recording studio!

Shortlist of “Sour:” 

  1. After almost 3 months of open houses and a trickle of potential buyers, we’re still unable to sell our house.  This is causing a snowballing of emotional lows in our house.
  2. Work…real estate…work…real estate…blech!
  3. Big fight with my daughter last night.
  4. Feeling unmotivated about life in general. 

You put all that together and life’s not so bad — but sometimes the negative stuff really takes a toll.


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