“Heroes” Returns

For those who haven’t bothered with “Heroes,” you missed a great show last season.  It’s very riveting TV that is probably best viewed on DVD or as a download because once one episode ends, it tough to wait for the next one. The new season started on Monday, but because I have to go to bed so friggin’ early, I couldn’t stay up and watch.  So, I watched it with Maya and Julie yesterday afternoon.  The verdict?  It’s okay.  They are setting up the new “Big Bad” (which was alluded to toward the end of last season), and have picked up the story months later after the big showdown with Sylar.  Some new characters have been introduced, but I haven’t quite connected with them, so I’m still in “wait and see” mode. Overall, it’s tough to review this first episode because of all the setup. But I wonder if I’m going to be as enthralled with “Heroes” as I was last season.  I mean, when you find a show that surprises you show after show, it’s tough to keep those surprises going once the audience has kind of figured out the formula.  “Lost” has been pretty good at slowly dishing out clues to the mysteries to keep the show fairly fresh. However, I fear that “Heroes” is going to run out of juice.  I don’t have anything but an initial gut feeling about this, but I hope my gut feeling is wrong on this.

In other TV news…

The early reviews of Bionic Woman are pretty tepid — at least the ones I read.  I saw a few preview scenes and it looked pretty compelling, but that’s because Katee Sackoff (Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica) is playing the first bionic woman gone bad.  I would imagine that she’s not in the show for long, and that’s too bad because having a bad ass bionic woman who’s drunk with her new found power could make for good TV.  I mean rooting for an anti-hero like Sackoff could give viewers an interesting window into the mind of why people do bad things.  But hey, that’s just me. In shows like “Heroes,” those who do evil just kind of do it without a good exploration or explanation of why.  Sure, they did a back story on Sylar and his relationship with his freakish mom, but I didn’t think they told us what it was that made him want to amass more and more power.  It was like a switch went off and the next thing you know, he’s one-dimensional evil. For the time being, however, our fiend/friend Sylar is keeping a low profile — and that’s a good thing.

Bionic Woman,however, is on tonight. And if you’re not a TiVo’er or just forget to tape it, NBC will steam it on their website after it airs.  


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