Happy Birthday Steve!!!

Today is my brother’s birthday! J wrote a very nice birthday post to Steve on her blog, and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday as well. So, how best to do it? Easy, just include photos that may be embarrassing. 🙂

This was when we lived in Canada (1965-66), and while upon first glance it looks like Steve (standing) is going to put his arm around me. I think he was about to smack me in the head.

There was a time when our family life had a kind of Brady Bunch story line. And since Steve is the middle brother (second from the right) his Brady avatar would be Peter. And looking at this photo I’m pretty sure Steve is wearing the same style of suit that Peter wore when he threw a party for himself after he saved that little girl from injury in a toy store.

If there’s one thing that Steve hates, it’s getting his picture taken. I believe Ray (in the middle) is hanging on to Steve (right) so the photo could be snapped. My sister (“La Luna”) and I weren’t camera shy, though.

And because he is camera shy, I think that’s why Steve went into radio!

His other passion? Classic cars — like his Chevelle!

He is also devoted to his family (Me and Maya on the left) and loves red wine!

So happy birthday Stevie boy!


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