Happy 2015!


2014 was quite a rocky year for yours truly, so it’s with a lot of hope that 2015 is much, much better. Not only for me, but for anyone who was having a tough go at it last year.

Things are changing in a way for me. Later this month, I start teaching again! I’ll be back at the school that wouldn’t hire me full-time, but has no problem with me being an adjunct. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get back to the classroom and teach a subject I really enjoy (American politics). The last time I taught that class was in 2004, so ten years being away from it might prove to be a bit of a rough start. I’m going to start prepping tomorrow and already have the first couple of weeks planned in my head (but I need to get them down on paper in syllabus form), and I do need to get the reading locked in. I already know that what kind of book I’m ordering, but just have to find out who’s publishing the kind of book I want to assign.

Also, I’m still at my radio job in San Francisco, and it’s been a few weeks of steady work, but my role in that organization is “part-time/fill-in,” so my schedule is feast or famine.

Like I wrote earlier, I start the new year with a lot of hope about job prospects and the like. What about you? What are you hoping for in the new year?

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