Guess Who Won?

It’s all about the delegates, so the Democratic candidate for president is still very much in play.  The magic number to get the nomination is 2025, and because of the proportional representation rule in the Democratic party, the number of delegates going to national convention is divided up by percentage of the win. But even the losers win.  That means that Obama will have delegates at the convention, Hillary will have delegates at the convention, and if I’m not mistaken, even Edwards will have delegates at the convention.  If Hillary or Barack fails to reach the magic number of 2025 before the convention, you’re going to see a lot of deals being made at the convention between the camps so the Dems can nominate a presidential candidate. Republicans don’t bother too much with all that messy politics of inclusion.  They have a winner-takes-all system  in 10 states.  Republican candidates still need to reach a magic number, but that number is 1191 and not 2025.

For political junkies, this is pretty exciting stuff!

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