Goin’ Campin’

Earlier this summer Maya’s Girl Scout leader suggested that the troop and the parents go on a unofficial camping trip.  At first I wasn’t too jazzed about it, but now that our lives have been consumed with real estate/selling our place, going camping is a welcome relief to the chaos that’s been going on at home. 

I used to love camping with my family when I was a kid, but as an adult I think I’ve camped only once.  To say I’m a little rusty at this whole camping thing would be an understatement.  But now that you can look up a variety of camping tips on the Internet, it’s actually pretty helpful to know what to bring and what to leave home.  I recently saw a show where an experienced camper said that “less is more” when headed for the outdoors, and I thought that was  a good tip because I tend of overpack for vacations and getaways.  We’re staying at a campsite in Yosemite with all the other parents and kids, so there will be a lot of folks there so if anyone runs low on something — at least I hope so. 🙂

One website I looked at had the following suggestions on packing, but if you can think of anything I’m missing, just let me know in the comments section:

1. Grooming and hygiene kit such as shampoo, soap, insect repellant (which one cannot do without!), toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, towels, toilet paper, lip balm, sun block, sun glasses and a trusty sewing kit.

2. Camping Essentials would include driver’s license, money, ID card, map, compass, flashlights and battery packs, lantern, bulbs, water, rope, clothespin, clothesline, radio, canteen, clock, camera, lots of film, binoculars, lounge chair, foldable table, tent repair gear, pocket knife and a lighter.

3. A good First Aid Kit should have the necessary medicines for fever, headaches, flu, allergy and stomach ulcer.  Antibiotics cream, antiseptic and band aids for wound.  Tweezers should also be there to take out splinters.  Pocket tissues are advisable.

4. Clothing should include a cozy pairs of sweat pants and shirt, sweater, thermals, gloves, jacket, pants, underwear, socks of varying thickness, pajamas, swimsuit, t-shirts, tank tops, bandannas, hats, sandals, sneakers and hiking boots.

5. Sleeping gear would include the tent, poles, mallet, ground cloth, sleeping bags, mattress, pillows, blankets, air pump, rope and stakes.

6. Kitchen Utensils and Equipments would consist of food container, insulator for frozen food, pots and pans, stove, fuel, matches or lighter, disposable plates and utensils, bowls, mugs, coffee pot, thermos, aluminum foil, dish towel, spatula, tongs, bottle and can opener, knife, dish soap, sponge, trash bags, zip lock bags, table cloth and skewers for campfire BBQ-ing or marshmallow toasting.

7. Camping Fire Checklist would include the kindling, matches, newspaper, fire extinguisher, shovel, ax, wood and the campfire permit.

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