Go Eddie! It’s Your Birthday!

My father (pictured in the center. I’m on the right and my bother Steve is on the left) would have been 85 today — if he was alive. He died in 1993 after suffering a series of strokes, but it’s not how one dies that is important so much as how one lives life, right?

You know those stories we often hear about people who pull themselves out of poverty and strive toward something beyond what they were born into? Well, the long and short of it is that my father’s life was very much a reflection of that narrative.

The son of sugar cane field “driver,” whose family was brought to Guyana as indentured servants, he was the only one of his family to attend college and eventually earn his medical degree. He practiced medicine in Guyana, Canada, and the United States — where our family eventually settled.

I don’t know if it was his prolonged exposure to middle class white culture of the 50s and 60s, but one thing I do remember is his MOR taste in music (MOR as in “Middle Of the Road”). For some reason, he loved Barbra Streisand and musak. In one of those ironies of life, the station he used to have his car radio locked on was called KDFM (92.1 FM) in Walnut Creek — which played elevator music. Now? One of the stations I work for (and this is the second time in my radio career) is 92.1 FM in Walnut Creek. Thank the music gods I don’t have to play musak, but when I hear James Blunt or Five for Fighting at work, I have to wonder if I really should thank the music gods ’cause that crap is pretty close to musak.

So, Eddie (or “Pops” as us kids would call him), these songs are for you! Happy birthday!

Barbara Streisand “Evergreen” (Listen HERE)

Percy Faith “Theme from A Summer Place” (Listen HERE)

Barbara Streisand “Stoney Road” (Listen HERE)

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