Gina’s Mix Six!

Hola Amigos!

It’s Mix Six time again, and this week’s mix comes from Gina at Just Another Day. She’s given this one a lot of thought and, just for fun, it’s going to be a “mystery themed set.” The clues along the way should guide you to the correct theme title that has three words. First correct guess gets to be the music director for an upcoming Mix Six!

Download Gina’s Mix Six by clicking HERE.(Sorry folks, download no longer available).

Track listing

Jane’s Addiction “Been Caught Stealing.” While you wouldn’t want a Perry Farrell holiday music compilation (or maybe you would), you gotta love the speed-fueled vocals that top this, dare I say, “classic!”

Fiona Apple “Criminal” Crazy good-looking skinny arty farty chick, or misunderstood artiste? Maybe both. But when this song came on the scene, it was unlike anything on the radio. Using a low-end sound from the (gasp!) piano and vocals that are both sultry and hinting at greater power, Fiona Apple certainly made her mark as a singer/songwriter who was no Barbie-doll cut out.

Adam and the Ants “Stand and Deliver” What a freakishly great song! Okay, I need to get this out in the open: I’m old! I remember seeing Adam and Ants perform this song on “Top of the Pops” during a visit to London, “En-ga-land” in the early 80s. For those who don’t know, “Top of the Pops” is a TV show that features whatever is popular in the British music scene. So, in typical show back in the day, you may have had Sheena Easton, Adam Ant and Iron Maiden on the same show. Yeah, WTF?

Stan Ridgway “The Big Heat” Stan’s solo career after Wall of Voodoo has many hit and miss moments, but after contributing a song to the “Rumble Fish” soundtrack (The brilliant “Don’t Box Me In”), he came back in 1986 with this great CD featuring some quirky ditties on LA life that proved he was more than just a twitching vocalist who sang about Mexican radio.

Morrissey “Last of the Famous International Playboys” When I heard The Smiths had called it quits, I shed some bitter tears for the loss of a group that hadn’t quite hit their stride — but you could certainly sense they were on their way to finally capturing the power of their live shows in the recording studio. Okay, at least I hoped they would! Morrissey’s solo work has been strong, but I really haven’t really heard anything to rival some Smiths songs that had me wondering “Are they kidding with those lyrics? This is a joke, right?” Nope!

Oingo Boingo “Only a Lad” Who knew that Danny Elfman would go on and be a much sought after soundtrack composer? I mean, can you imagine some Hollywood suit looking at Elfman’s resume during an interview for a soundtrack gig and saying, “So this “Onigo Boingo” thing…That’s a kids toy, right?” Of course, for those who are big fans of Danny Elfman, know that he scored his brother’s film “Forbidden Zone–” and played Satan in the movie, too.

So now that we’ve come to the end of this week’s Mix Six. Have you guessed the title of the theme? Three words…three words. That’s all there is to the title.


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