Genevieve on The Economy

[Well, as I was working on a piece for Popdose about the economy and the government bailout today, and, in a moment of frustration, I had the following conversation with my dog, Genevieve ~ Ted]

Ted: (Typing. Suddenly stops):  You know Genevieve, the economy is going to the dogs!  To.The.Dogs, Genevieve!

Genevieve:  That’s not a bad thing. Dogs barf and eat it.

Ted: What does that mean?

Genevieve:  We make efficient use of our resources.

Ted:  Yeah, but what about the other day when you barfed and ran away from it?

Genevieve:  That’s toxic waste. Why would you eat it again?

Ted:  Well, that’s what the government is doing with buying off bad debt.

Genevieve:  And you say the economy going to the dogs is a bad thing?

Ted: Go sit down! (Ted resumes typing)

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