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It seems just when I think I’m finished with TV, it pulls me back in!  I’m talking about that feeling one gets when a favorite TV show is on.  Currently, we’re in full Battlestar Galactica mode, but we’ve finally caved and started watching Hereos. On a whim, I downloaded the first two episodes off of iTunes and, um, we’re hooked! Then I got all jumpy and itchy and bought a season pass and we watched about 3 hours worth on Sunday — all on our current TV, the computer! 

It’s getting bad, kids. I’m not at TV critic level yet, but I am watching more that I thought I would be after my rants at the lack of what I consider good programming on TV.  So, here ’tis! My current list of TV favorites:

1. Battlestar Galactica

2. Hereos

3. Lost

4. The Office

One more and I’ve got a full week’s worth of TV!  Yay! I’m almost at full slug mode.



P.S. J has a “she said” version of our TV addiction HERE!

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