So, I was really excited about getting a new ISP to host my blog! You know, the one where you get 15 gigs of space for a very low price? Well, that’s indeed the case, but my frustration is with the free blogging software known as WordPress. In general, WordPress is a very good thing, but like most programs, there are these little glitches that can be annoying.

My biggest gripe? Importing the old blog to the new server. If you have a blog on Blogger, Live Journal, Movable Type and a few other popular sites, WordPress makes it easy for you to import your blog (and comments). However, if you already have a blog on WordPress, they don’t have an easy import feature that will take this blog (on and import it on using the free WordPress software. I’ve been sitting here trolling the “help” site, typing variations of “Importing wordpress to wordpress” in the search window and haven’t found anything that’s helping.

I’m sure when I have 8 hours of sleep, I’ll be in a better mood, but right now I’m a bit miffed at all the little quirks that come with managing your own site. Sure, it’s nice to have a domain name that doesn’t involved attaching “blogspot,”or “wordpress,” or if it’s an .Mac site “” to your URL. But I was hoping some of these things would be a bit easier.

Ah the price of semi-freedom. Sure, you’ve got more control over the site, but you’re even more enslaved to the small stuff.

It’ll get better. But right now I just need to vent a bit.

And how is everyone? 😉


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