Friday the 13th with the East Bay Bike Party People

East Bay Bike Party 7/13/12, Pleasant Hill BART.

Last night I did something out of the ordinary.  I was checking out an article on Popdose about the band Delta Rae when I heard all this cheering/noise coming from what I thought was the BART station.  Tea Party folks?  Nah.  They don’t cheer, they boo.  Sporting event?  On Friday night?  People having a party?  Seemed plausible, but it sounded like hundreds of people cheering.  Julie and Maya were lounging on the bed talking, but I was curious.  So I jumped on my mountain bike and rode over to what was going on.

And because we live in a world where it’s easy to capture events on video, here’s mine to show what happened when I got to the BART station.



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