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I’ve been helping/consulting for an ex-student of mine who is running for public office here in California. He’s a very bright guy who went on to get a degree in political science from UC Berkeley and has decided to put his degree to use and serve the public interest. It’s a bold move he’s making because he running against an incumbent. If that wasn’t hard enough, how about this: he’s running against an incumbent from his own political party.

Can you say “drama?” Yep, there’s plenty of that, but his run for office isn’t the subject of this post. Rather, I’ve been going through some midlife reflection as of late. Nothing even remotely approaching a crisis, so don’t worry. I won’t be buying a red sports car or running off with a twentysomething to “find myself.” Nope, I’ve been wondering if I’ll ever do work that closely “fits” my former life of a teacher. I could certainly go back to it, but it would be tough and it would also mean giving up certain things like, um, writing for blogs (mine and Popdose). Also, it would mean that my time at home would be taken up with class prep. But it could all be worth it if it meant that I would have a greater degree of career satisfaction.

I’ve already applied at the UC Berkeley extension for a job, but they are probably not hiring since, well, if you haven’t heard, education cuts abound in the Golden State. So, while they acknowledged receipt of my application, they haven’t followed up with anything even close to an interview. But one application to one university’s extension program does not make a good effort. I have some trepidation about teaching at a school where the vast majority of students simply do not care what I’m trying to teach them, but I suppose given the “gap” in my resume regarding teaching, beggars can’t be choosers.

What to do. What … to … do.


In the meantime, have a look at my current contributions to Popdose this week.Β  The weekly Mix Six and Pop Politico are up and ready for prime time.

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