Finger Eleven –”One Thing” (Chewbacca Mix)

A long time ago, when my job was fun…

I worked with Ramzi over at I Understand. He produced my traffic reports while I worked on my newscasts (when I was a news anchor). One day, "One Thing" by Finger Eleven was being played and I just started making Chewbacca noises during the song. That's when I told him that I thought Chewbacca needed to be in the mix of the song. He agreed, and got to work looking for Chewy growls. Once he had the drops downloaded, we used the multi-track recorder at work and started to assemble what we thought was a very funny mix. Ramzi did almost all of the work putting this together (I might have shuffled a few Chewy growls around and added a couple of fades), but this mix is the result of his hard work.

Download "One Thing (Chewbacca Mix)


P.S. This is for Cherry at Cherry Extract who confessed to J that my blog was "too smart for her." That's just a front. I'm really a dolt! 😉

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