Feeling Younger?

More often than not, I pretty much ignore what’s on the Comcast homepage when checking email.  Their “news” is pretty shallow and I try not to get hooked in.  But being a child of the ’70s, I had to click on the video about Maureen McCormick (i.e., Marcia Brady) to see what was up with her in a bikini. I know, I’m shallow, but there’s a point to this video which I’ll take up after you watch it, too:

Okay, my beef isn’t with the fact that McCormick is in a bikini or that she’s on a pretty intense exercise program. No, it’s the quote “I feel younger than I’ve felt in years.” That just strikes me as odd. Younger? It’s like when you have a birthday and people ask you “Do you feel older today?” Uh, no. So how can you “feel” younger than you have in years? I can understand saying “I feel more energetic” or “fit,” but younger? I mean, I exercise six days a week as well, but I don’t feel any younger. I feel sore sometimes, I also feel the rush of endorphins after exercising, but rarely do I think “Hmm, I sure feel like I’m 25 again.” Maybe I ought to wear one of these and then maybe I will feel younger…or stupid:

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