Don’t Believe Your Own Publicity

Being an X-Files fan, Gillian Anderson was a big part of our weekly X-Files “Trust No One” a-thon.” After the series ended, Anderson did a few films, but kind of dropped off the map here in the U.S.  — except on the Internet.  I don’t blame her. Doing a series like the X-Files must have been tough on home life since, well, she had to go to Canada to film the show while she was married and had a kid.

Anyway, Gillian is now going to host “Masterpiece Theatre” on one of their new re-vamped “mini seasons” called “Masterpiece Classic.” On the surface it’s an odd move, but one that I think probably fits her interests in plays, lit, and the humanities in general.

And what about David Duchovny?  Well, he’s on the series “Californiacation,” which, from what I’ve heard from co-workers who watch the show, is really quite good.  Now, it seems, the X-Files will once again make its way back into the popular culture because an X-Files film is now in pre-production. 

And while I liked the character of Dana Scully, I think being a relationship with Gillian Anderson would be tough, and, at times, strange.  Check this out from an article in a Brit paper:

The Mail on Sunday revealed she had a bizarre alcohol-fuelled outburst on a flight in January this year.

At the time fellow passengers told how Miss Anderson had aimed an extraordinary four-letter tirade at a fellow traveller on a flight from Sri Lanka to London.

One passenger said: “She was abrasive and aggressive and was slurring…the crew continued to serve her wine. She was not attractive, she reminded me of a 35-year-old spinster.”

Chicago-born Miss Anderson, who shot to international fame as Agent Dana Scully alongside David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder in the hit Nineties TV series X-Files, has had a colourful love life. Her marriage to Mr Klotz was as short-lived as her second. The actress left Mr Klotz in 1996 after two years, saying: “I’ve outgrown him. He bores me.”

I know people generally coddle stars in public places — unless you’re Diana Ross –but why would the flight crew continue to serve wine to Gillian Anderson after she basically got in a verbal fight with a fellow passenger?  They’re starstruck, I suppose.

A couple of years ago we took a family vacay to Hawai’i.  I bought an upgrade to business class with the promise of better food and free drinks (including booze).  It’s a 5 hour flight, I’m on vacation, and there’s a movie.  So, I decide wine would be a good thing to enjoy while I watch the in-flight movie.  Since business class supposedly means “drink up at no extra charge,” I order a couple more bottles of wine with a water chaser.  Well, all that wine and water means I’m making trips to the bathroom more than other passengers.  When I try to request another bottle.  The flight attendant says in an angry tone:  “You’ve already had three.  I gave you an extra one, and that’s enough for now.” Huh? Wha? I’m just sitting there with my plastic cup of “C” grade red wine, watching some film, and trying to enjoy the trip.  I said I would pay for another glass of wine, and she flat out told me “no.”

The point of this story?  Simple: if you’re a drunk celeb on a plane throwing a fit, they’ll give your more free booze in an attempt to calm you down.  If you’re average guy who is on a discount flight to Hawai’i — and, at the last minute, decides to upgrade to business class as a treat for the entire family — three half-full plastic cups of wine means “you’ve had too much.”

Oh, and how this turned into a rant about booze on a plane is a mystery to me! 🙂

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