Do You Twitter?


Information…knowledge power…global communications…blah, blah, blah. Remember those buzz words? Forget it!  It’s mostly social networking now. My Space, Facebook, blogging, IM, texting, and now Twitter.  Jaiku is similar to Twitter and what these services do (if you don’t already know) is basically offer users the ability to do micro-blogging.  You only send your thoughts to your friends via text messages (limited to 140 charcters), and this allows you to say, um, brilliant things like the following:

“Getting excited for life on the West Coast–the last place I ever thought I would live.”

 “Weeding through a massive pile of receipts. “

 “Playing poker.”

“Had to drop the wife’s van off at the mechanic. Now I’m finally at work. blah…”

And they said blogging was stupid!  These “tweets” (i.e., messages) go to your all of your friends in your network.  Oh, and they can also “tweet” with you.  So, if you want everyone to know how great your lunch is, or that you have a bad case of garlic burps, they can get that breaking news at same time.  Thrilling, eh? 

I heard an NPR program on this service featuring a group of friends who were asked to try Twitter and report back.  Now, these folks were not interested in “tweeting,” but gave it a try just to see what would happen.  And what did happen?  As you might have guessed by now, many were hooked and continued tweeting.

Since I don’t have unlimited texting built into my cell phone service, I’d have to pay 10 cents per “tweet,” so I’m not going to jump on that trend anytime soon.  But I have to admit that I’m curious if Twitter and Jaiku are as addictive as they say it is.

Have any of you tried Twitter or Jaiku yet?


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