Coffee Snob

I hear people lament that as you get older, there are fewer and fewer pleasures in life. Some have the give up drinking alcohol, some give up the occasional smoke of tobacco (cigars and pipes), some give up less-than-legal pleasures that I really don’t want to get into.

For years I drank coffee. A lot of coffee! I was a pot-a-day kind of guy.  And then one day I was getting a physical and the doctor noticed that my blood pressure was kind of high.  He asked if I smoked, and I said I didn’t.  He asked if I drank, and I told him I did, but only moderately.  He asked if I drank coffee, and I said “yes.”  When I told him that I drank about a pot, his eyebrows furrowed in that disapproving way and he said “Maybe you ought to cut back.”  Well, I just decided to quit…cold turkey!

I didn’t tell J the day I quit drinking the old cup o’ Joe, and I became the biggest jerk as I went through withdrawals. A week later I was free of that drug, and a little sad, too.

From 1997 to 2004, I didn’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine at all. However, when I started my current job and had to get up at 4am M-F, that all changed in about a month. I started drinking a couple of cups in the morning and it helped a lot!

Pretty soon, I started getting back into my coffee snob habits. That is to say, I was only drinking the “high end” coffee from Peet’s (or Starbucks). And then when the owners of the radio station bought another station, I started working with Jeff — who hired me for my first radio gig over 20 years ago — and he liked the “good coffee,” too!

Happy to have a coffee soul brother, we took turns buying a pound of the “good coffee” each week for our morning fix. It was kind of fun to see what kind of coffees he would pick, and I think he was equally delighted when I brought something in that he had never tried. It was all moving along so well.

Then the drip coffee maker broke…

At work, in addition to the drip coffee maker, they have one of these “one cup” coffee makers that makes brown swill (left). No pleasure in that. So, I put on my grumpy face and pleaded with our office manager, Melissa for a new drip coffee maker. She said “Yes,” and I went off to Target to make the purchase.

And here’s what I bought (right):

Now I don’t know if this coffee maker is going to last a long time or not, but I’m just happy that I’ll be able to have cup of the “good coffee” again.

Well, this whole coffee crisis made me wonder what kind of “simple pleasures” my dear readers enjoy (Yes, all 7 of you!). What is it that you’re not willing to compromise on? Could be coffee, could be wine, meats, cheeses, clothes, whatever. The point is, we all have our snobby moments when it comes to something.

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