Christmas Meme

Julie tagged me for a meme that is making me think about scenes from Christmas past, present, and maybe even future.  Okay, I’ll keep the green font going and jump in!  Oh, and these aren’t in any order of importance, because they are all important! 🙂 Here are rules…

Please share 12 of your favorite Christmas things: they can be memories, traditions, songs, presents, beliefs, whatever it is about this season that you love.

Send it to 12 people, and be sure to link to them so that everyone can enjoy the many variations!

1. Baking day!  It’s the day our family gets together, takes over my parent’s kitchen, and make tons of sweet stuff.  In the end, my uncle usually runs out to KFC to get fast food ’cause we’re all amped on sweets and we need a salt/fat chaser to even things out.

2. Christmas dinner!  There’s just a lot of goofing around at the dinner table and the laughing increases with the bad jokes supplied by the Christmas crackers we have each year.

3.  The year I stopped believing in Santa…I was about 5 or so, and like many kids I thought Santa was a real guy who flew around the world delivering gifts and candy to kids.  Well, on Christmas eve we all hung our socks on the fireplace with string and tape - by the way, these were actual socks.  My oldest brother had tube socks, so that was pretty impressive since, well, I thought it would be full of candy in the morning.  With thoughts of socks full of candy, I couldn’t sleep.  And when I did sleep, I had dreams of candy.  In the morning, I bolted out of bed to see how much candy was stuffed in my sock.  Well, there wasn’t any. Just a note on the fireplace that said “Sorry kids. Ran out of candy. See you next year.”  Oof!

4. Favorite Christmas song?  “I Saw Three Ships.”

5.  That feeling you get before Christmas when you know that you don’t have to go to work or school.

6.  Reading Christmas letters aloud– and making fun of them.

7.  Christmas eve is nice because it’s usually kind of quiet and allows me to kind of reflect on the year.  I know you’re supposed to do that at the end of the year, but I get all reflecty on Xmas eve.

8. Even as I continue my slide into cynical middle age, I think seeing how excited my daughter gets on Christmas morning make even Grinch-like me a happy chappy.

9. This was the season when Julie and I started getting serious with one another (back in 1987), so it’s always makes me think back to those times when – even in the thick of school and work –things were kind of carefree.

10.  Watching movies like Scrooged and It’s a Wonderful Life. 

11. Getting together with friends you only see from time to time. 

12.  Having time off from work to eat, drink, and be merry! 🙂

I’m supposed to tag 12 people to do this meme, but I’ll just say if there are 12 of you who want to do this, just link back to me so I know that I didn’t drop the ball in the whole chain letter thingy.

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