Chick Power

Well, I saw the Dixie Chicks on Friday and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m a fan or not.  Cherry (over at Cherry Extract who has a Flickr slideshow of the concert HERE) and I went to the show (mostly because J and Eric weren’t interested), and they played their hits, the crowd was clearly happy to see the ladies sing their favorites, and overall it was a show that had me impressed with their musical virtuosity. 


Natalie Maines – clearly the front woman of the band – had the crowd in the palm of her hands has she belted out songs I didn’t know, but the crowd sure did. There was one moment where the crowd wasn’t entirely with her during an extra-long stage patter interlude. When she was talking about growing up in Texas and wearing Birkenstocks as an outward sign of rebellion, there were a few boos and groans from people in my section. Personally, I wouldn’t brag about wearing those, but I’m not from Texas where, to partially quote George Michael, the clothes and shoes do make the woman. But this show wasn’t about shoes, clothes, or even political statements.  It was about the music, and the Chicks delivered a wonderfully diverse 2 hour set.  Their songs alternate between twangy country numbers (you know, the kind the make you want to play the spoons and act like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel on “The Simpsons”) to country pop that was more to my liking.
For me, it was the two sisters –Martie Maguire and Emily Robison — who were amazing to watch. They alternated on stringed instruments with such ease and played them with such skill, that it looked so effortless.  And they the were such pros when it came to the harmonies that it’s clear the sisters are the solid musical foundation that allows Natalie be the star of the show. 

My favorite songs of the set were “Lubbock or Leave It,” “The Long Way Around,” “Lullaby,”  “I Hope,” and their closer, Bob Dylan’s “Mississippi.”  The rest of the set certainly pleased the crowd and I only knew the songs were hits because of the response from the audience when they opening strains kicked in. 

So, am I a fan now?  Not quite.  You know that rush you get after a concert where you listen almost exclusively to the group you saw live?  I didn’t get that rush, but I’ll still listen to their music, and am really interested in seeing their film.

I suppose you can call me a partial fan!



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