Cage Match: Stawberry Letter #23

Okay kids, this is a late entry borne out of some comments that were made on Jefito’s blog. As you may or may not know, I try and participate in the weekly snarkfest known as Chartburn at Jefito’s blog with fellow music bloggers. He throws four songs at us from various years, and we respond. Well, this week on:

The Brothers Johnson song “I’ll Be Good To You” came up and I made a comment on loving Stawberry Letter #23. Well, in the comments section of the this week’s edition of “Chartburn” someone said they loved the version of the song by Shuggie Otis. I’ve never heard of Shuggie Otis nor had I heard his version. So, a few clicks and a download later, I got a hold of the song and, well, let’s just say that I’m curious to hear which version you like better.

Here’s Shuggie’s take on the song (Download)

And here’s the Brothers Johnson’s version (Download)

Brothers or Otis?


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