Buffy Awards! (and coulter)

I launched my web browser this morning and headed over to Salon where the cover story was…my favorite show right now: Battlestar Galactica!
Salon has the “Buffy Awards” that goes the most under-appreciated show — named after another fav of mine Buffy the Vampire Slayer — and Battlestar Galactica got it! I know, Sci Fi…”Get a life.” However, this show is so well done that I think I may have convinced my father in-law to watch it –and he hates watching TV!

I have to admit to one “failure” in terms of getting new converts to the show: Cherry and E. They turned off the show after a human-looking Cylon (the one in the red dress pictured above) snapped the neck of a human baby.  Yeah, that was harsh, but they are at war with the humans.  Anyway, for a guy like me who studied political science, religious studies, and history in grad school, I think Battlestar Galactica is a smartly-written, character-driven drama that I probably read too much into, but I think it makes great TV!  (How’s that for a love letter!) 🙂

Now on to our own versions of Cylons here on planet earth…

This is a bit old in terms of blog time, but I saw a very amusing clip of Ann Coulter actually getting a bit of her own medicine on Fox News. She was a guest on Hannity and Colmes and, well, let’s just say that watching her leave the typical shouting match on that show was the very definition of “cut and run” when the going gets hot.

Have a look for yourself by clicking the image below:


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