Break It Down … It’s Roti Time!

It’s one of those “family secrets” that’s really not that much of a secret.  And that secret is roti with a Guyanese flare.  If you’ve ever eaten Indian food, you’ve probably had naan or chapati — which is basically flat bread.  Well, ever since I can remember, my mom has made the most wonderfully fluffy (with a slight crip) roti. After years of practice, I think I can duplicate it. 

Anyway, what brought all this roti talk up was an article I was reading in my local paper.  It was about a couple of brothers who, it seems, make the best naan in the Bay Area.  I’m not a huge naan fan, but I am a big roti fan, so I wanted to know if there was anyone who spilled the secrets on making Guyanese roti. 

Thanks to YouTube, behold!


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