Book Review: “Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House”

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White HouseFire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The subtitle of this book should be: “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.” Wholly unprepared to run the Executive Branch of government, the Trump administration is a collection right-wing revolutionaries (like Steve Bannon – who seems to view himself the last Baby Boomer who can finally kill New Deal Liberalism), establishment Republicans (who constantly lose the battle of process and procedure to an often bored Trump), and Wall Street financial types who just want their tax breaks and government to keep its prying eyes out of its business. In the center is Trump: an insecure, semi-literate guy who is way in over his head. He had no desire to actually learn the art of governing and is often depicted as someone who constantly vents to his friends about how miserable he is, how unfair everyone is, and how idiotic everyone around him is. All the while, he seeks the approval of the media (i.e., cable news) like a teenager obsessively checking their Instagram feed for Likes.

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