Blogging From ICU

Well, I spoke with Julie tonight, and she told me that her mom wanted to write a post detailing her experience with her heart condition. It seems Joycelyn wrote the post in long hand and Julie did the data entry in another part of the hospital. You can read the post HERE. Also, Joycelyn’s angiogram is scheduled for tomorrow and, if they can, they will perform an angioplasty when they know where and how much arterial blockage she has. If there’s too much blockage, they will have to do open heart surgery because diabetic women with angina don’t do well with angioplasty — at least according to this study — and Joycelyn is diabetic.

It’s going to be some rough sailing for the next few days…


Sorry about this being the doom and gloom post, but my Aunt’s funeral services begin tomorrow and continue into Thursday. It’s certainly going to be an emotional affair and I do worry about my mom because she’s a person who doesn’t deal with death very well. However, I’m glad my sister and uncle are with her to (hopefully) lessen the anxiety.

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