Bike the Bridges 2012

On June 10th, Team LHB (what’s “LHB” stand for? Well, it basically means Large Hairy Bald Men), signed up for the “Bike the Bridges” fundraising ride for Special Olympics. My brother Steve, my friend Paul, and yours truly decided to ride the 25 mile route that went over the Carquinez Bridge and the Benicia Bridge. It had some hills that proved to be a challenge for us, but nothing that made us want to throw in the towel. The weather was good, there was very little wind, and lots of people came out to help raise money from Special Olympics Northern California. I had my iPhone with me and shot some video of the ride, but didn’t get as much as I wanted. One day I’l have to get one of those Go-Pro cameras that can mount on the handle bars or a helmet.

Anyway, I tried to pretty up the footage by using a bunch of iMovie effects, and decided that if I was going to edit a small movie, I should have a trailer.

So here’s the trailer:

And here’s the movie!

I know some of you who bother to check in on this blog are probably tired off all the biking stuff, but it’s a hobby that I currently like. So while I’ll try and mix up the posts, I think there’s going to be more biking videos, images and stuff like that from here on out.

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