Another Thursday Thirteen


I haven’t done a Thursday Thirteen since J tagged me to list my 13 most embarrassing songs. But today, I was thinking about regrets and how we often sit around thinking “if only…” I’m not going to list regrets, but rather thirteen things I hope I’m able to have or experience before I die. These aren’t really rank ordered, it’s just a list…

13. Travel to India.
12. Learn to fly a plane.
11. Live in Hawai’i (even if it’s for a short period of time).
10. Write a book or even make a film of some significance.
9. Become enough of an accomplished drummer where I can play a professional gig in a band that people want to see – and not a bar band where I make $1.13 from ticket sales.
8. Have a close relationship with my grandchildren. Since I already have close relationship with my daughter, I don’t think this one is going to be too difficult to fulfill.
7. I hope I never meet Rachel Ray. 😉
6. Own a Porsche 911 Turbo.
5. I hope I never lose my love of music.
4. Own a book store. But since independent bookstores are almost extinct, that one will remain a pipe dream
3. Visit the Greece, Egypt, and Israel.
2. Learn how to make wine.
1. Have enough money to most of these things!

Of course, I want to experience many of these things with J — if she’s willing! So there ‘tis. My “I hope to…” Thursday Thirteen.

Next up: Friday’s Mix Six! Stay tuned…


But before you go, you have to check out “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Journey” at Jefito’s site. It’s guest blogged by Malchus and it features songs from Journey’s entire career. Click the picture of Journey’s “Escape” album to, yes, escape to Jefito’s great site!



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