“And One Time At Band Camp…”

Bloggy friend Eric Grubbs sent me a link to spoof that I thought only drum folks would find funny — until I played it for J, who thought it was pretty good as well.

I didn’t think the You Tube video was very funny, but the audio interview between Fred Armisen and his alter-ego, Jens Hannemann (a faux drum god), had me laughing.  What made me chuckle was the discussion of the time signatures Jens plays on the drums (i.e., 11/1, 29/2 or just 29).  In classic SNL fashion, the Jens Hannemann bit gets funnier the more times you experience it — so play it a few times and let “the funny” roll over you.

I admit to having drum instruction DVDs. These are basically DVDs that let you see superstar drummers break down complicated beats so you can feel like a talentless idiot.  

Anyway, here’s a clip of Neil Peart breaking down a drum part from a Rush tune:

And then there’s this clip from “Jens Hannemann’s Complicated Drumming Technique.” But if the video is taking too long to load, you can always clicky click the sort of funny video below:

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