Airport =Ahhh…

This little device that costs a little more than I wanted to spend has made my home computing life a lot easier! Now that J is working from home, she's working at the desk that used to be my "home office" when I was teaching. Well, now that I have a "day job" in radio (and a desk to sit at) home computing use has become a bit more difficult since there's only one desk and J needs it to get her work done.
Now I have Airport! The wireless tool that allow me to unplug my iMac from the desk, bring it downstairs and use the computer for however long I need to without sitting on the floor with the font size maxed out so I can either read my email or read a webpage (I have a wireless keyboard and mouse).

Apple's technology may be overpriced, but at least it works without any major buggy issues. I fully anticipated that Airport wouldn't work with J's Dell (which runs Windows 2000), but it did!

One slam at Apple, though: Their iWeb app that's bundled with iLife 06 is crap! The reason I'm using WordPress for blogging is because iWeb's initial blog program didn't include the ability to post comments. The day I set up my WordPress account was the same day Apple released an update to iWeb to include a comments feature. Well, that's great an all that, but if you don't want to use a .Mac account to host your blog, the file hierarchy iWeb creates (if you save to a local folder and upload via FTP) is seriously stupid.

I won't go into too much detail on this point, but just know this: if you wanted to have a blog feature on your own site, the URL for the initial post would look something like this: bunch of random numbers


WTF Apple!


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