A Walk to the Cullen House

While in Portland, we found out that the Cullen house that was used in the film Twilight was just a block away from my FIL and MIL’s place. Julie and I were all excited to see the house, but Maya feigned disinterest — even though I knew that she wanted to see it as well.  If you haven’t seen the film, you’re not missing much (unless you’re a fan of the books).  I’ve never read the books, but because we have the film on DVD, I’ve seen it a few times (the same with New Moon).  If you like brood-fest films, you’ll like Twilight and New Moon.  However, if you like your vamps with more action, try the more adult-themed True Blood on HBO (and by “adult,” I mean there’s a fair amount of sex). Both stories are about the difficulties of loving someone who is undead, and while Twilight is very PG when tackling love among 15-16 year old girls, True Blood is anything but.

Anyway, on to the house! In the film, the house looks like this:

When we went to see it, it looked pretty much the same… as you will see in this short video I made of our walking tour — which has some wonderful acting by yours truly:

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