A Quick Note About Facebook

I know most of you who have Facebook accounts probably enjoy connecting with your friends, sharing photos, videos, and even IM’ing with them. But lately, with this whole privacy (or lack thereof) settings brouhaha that’s been in the headlines, it’s making me wonder if Facebook fans are headed for the exit doors. Sure there will always be people who will quit something early (There are early adopters, so why not early quitters? I know I’m one of those). But when Facebook finally unveils their nefarious plans (i.e., mass spamming and selling your profile to the highest bidder, I presume), you’re going to see a lot more people saying “Hey what the hell is this?” And maybe, just maybe, while they are running away, there will be another new new thing to glom onto for those hungry to live online. Or maybe Orkutwill finally take off in the U.S.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Have a look at Kevin Drum’s blog post at Mother Jones.

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