A Little Comfort Please

Cherry at Cherry Extract is going through a tough time after the death of a friend. She’s been listening to a lot of songs that give her some comfort.  For even the most casual music fans, the power of a song to evoke feelings of joy, laughter, sadness, reflection, anger, and…well, you get the idea, is an amazing thing really.  Many artists, whose songs have deep meaning in our lives, often view their musical creations as their children who go forth in the world and do things that they never imagined they could do.  The songs no longer belong to them, but rather belong to “us” and have multiple meanings the authors couldn’t have imagined.

When my friend from high school died a while back, I started listening to songs that reminded me of a particular time when we were in a school play together.  The songs weren’t maudlin at all.  One was “Talk To Ya Later” by The Tubes, another was “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors.  They were songs that just kind of took me back to a time when life seemed full of possibilities, riddled with insecurities, and ripe with experiences that proved to be indelible.

Cherry’s post gave me an idea for this week’s mix, and it’s this:  “Comfort Songs.” If you have song suggestions (and stories of songs) that bring you comfort, let me know and I’ll toss it in the musical blender and serve it up on Friday. 🙂

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