A Gift: Nine Inch Nails “The Slip”

In a gesture that will please those of you who get all your music without paying a dime, Trent Rezor is giving away his latest album for free. And you can get it in a number of audio formats. The Slip is getting good reviews, and it’s tough to beat the price, but you gotta hand it to the guy who made millions dressing and acting like a rebel finally walking the walk. He’s not going to make a dime on this venture, and, truth be told, he’s probably losing quite a lot, but it’s interesting to see an artist who has made plenty of money doing something that’s truly rebellious — and it’s on his terms.

In other music news…

If you’re sick and tired of the audio quality of mp3s, and you find that CDs just aren’t doing it for you anymore, help may be on the way — though, I’m not quite convinced it’s going to take off. I’m talking about a new audio format called Code. It’s supposed to by the THX of the audio world and will open up a world of sounds squashed by the popularity of mp3s — which is like listening to AM stereo radio stations. In short, it’s the same crappy audio, but now on two channels!

With every new audio format (just like DVDs) comes the need for a new player. Blu-Ray won the DVD wars, and sooner or later most of us will be buying new DVD players. Now with Code does that mean we’ll all be buying new audio players that will read the Code format? Or will our iPods and other mp3 player be able the read the Code encoding? Geeky inquiring minds want to know!

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