A Friday Music Feature: Big Wreck


This song came out way back in 1997. So you know, it’s an oldie but a goodie. I was in the thick of parenting a small child, was working on my dissertation (or maybe casting about to find one), and didn’t have time to connect with new music. Well, this song somehow came on my radar (probably VH1 — which I used to watch when Maya was sitting in my lap), and I took an instant liking to it. I’m more than certain that I went down to Tower Records after seeing the video to buy the CD. It’s big, bold, thick, and full of great hooks. Love the guitar work on the intro and the drumming has a good groove. Overall, a very good pop/rock song that did pretty well in the States. It peaked at #24 on the U.S. Modern Rock charts, and #8 on mainstream rock charts. Alas, Big Wreck never charted that high again in the U.S. But here’s “The Oaf” in all its glory!

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