A Conservative Mind?

I try to understand, really I do. I try to understand what makes a conservative mind tick and what thought processes are used to arrive at conclusions, but when I read something like the following, I just fear that it’s not necessarily “conservative” or whatever that makes a person think the way they do, it just may be a peculiar pathology that creeps into one’s brain and make one utter crap this.  A little set up before we get to the money quote.  John H. Hinderaker (yes, that’s how he writes his name) has a political blog called PowerLineBlog.  It’s on the right (politically speaking) and I used to read the blog every now and then just to see what ‘wingers like John were thinking about.  But it became tedious to read and I eventually dropped it because, well, I’m in my 40s now and have to watch my blood pressure.  Well, the Washington Post conducted a short interview with John H. Hinderaker and he stated the following about his disagreements with McCain:

In the past, you’ve been quite critical of [ John ] McCain.

“Now, I didn’t endorse a candidate during the primaries. I thought highly of all the major candidates. But, yes, like many other conservatives, our blog has parted with McCain on a number of issues. McCain-Feingold, definitely. Immigration. And a distant third is on detaining and interrogation. McCain is against waterboarding. I don’t think waterboarding is torture. I think it’s really effective and not at all a harmful way to get information.”

Okay, if he doesn’t think it’s harmful and it’s an effective way to get information, then I think he ought to have a little waterboarding done on himself and then revisit his quote.  Current TV did a “pod” (Their fancy-pants way of saying “video segment”) on waterboarding a while back, and here ’tis.  After watching this, if you don’t think this is harmful in any way, then please have someone do this to you and then get back to me, okay? By the way, I’ve posted a link to this video before, but if you haven’t seen it, you should know that’s it’s pretty disturbing.

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