6 + 6 + 06 = POS*

I have no intention of seeing the remake of The Omen*, but I just read a review of the film in the New York Times that summed it up like this:

"When all else fails, pump up the thunder and lightning. That seems to be an operating principle behind the supremely unnecessary remake of "The Omen," the 1976 horror fest that, along with "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist," plunked everyone's favorite baddie, Satan, into the Hollywood mainstream.

The incessant rumbling and flashing that accompanies virtually every other scene underscores the hollowness of a story that in the decades since the original "Omen" has had any freshness trampled out of it by a rampaging army of Freddies, Jasons and Michael Myerses, not to mention assorted "Omen" and "Exorcist" sequels and knockoffs."

The fact that some marketing idiot (sorry, "super genius") had the foresight to look at a calendar and notice that this year there's a 6/6/06 just adds to this movie's lameness.

Of course, it'll make a ton of money this week…

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