I was reading Jefito’s blog today and he’s has this ongoing feature on that audio relic, the cassingle. You remember these things, right? A cassette with enough tape for a couple of songs. It probably retailed for a couple of bucks at Tower Records and since “the kids” were buying quite a few of those Walkmans, well, what better way to enjoy your favorite singles than to have them ready for you to buy on tape. No dubbing from an LP, or another tape. Just some pop goodness that would eventually end up melted in the backseat of your car, or chewed up in your tape deck because you never bothered to clean the heads.

Ah…the memories.

I got a little blove from “little boss” Jeff about yesterday’s cassingle because he expected me to rant about the wimpiness of the song. But honestly, I don’t remember listening to that song back in 1990 (FYI: it was Calloway’s “I Wanna Be Rich”).

1990 was my graduating year in college, and it was a very good year indeed! That year I was listening almost exclusively to Live 105 or KUSF, and one day I heard Steve Masters playing a song by some band called Consolidated. And while I didn’t like the title track because it annoyed me, for some reason I bought the LP at some record store in San Francisco because I was still doing the mobile DJ thing then. I brought it home and was intrigued by the overtly political rantings by the band. Since I was just finishing up my political science degree at “State” I found what they were saying somewhat simplistic, but powerful. I just re-listened to the album, and found it to be just as simplistic as it was in 1990 (Sorry guys, anger, half-baked socialist ideals, and a few 25 cent SAT words don’t make for artistic greatness). Nevertheless, there were a couple of tracks that still hold up– but just barely.

“Brian Wilson (download HERE) is kind of funny and a good lead in to Consolidated’s only “hit:” “Dysfunctional Relationship” (download HERE) — complete with a kind of robotic command by a woman for men to be more sensitive to womyn’s needs. Sexy! 😉



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